DIRKS (Designing and Implementing Record Keeping Systems) is a records management protocol devised by the National Archives of Australia. I served as both subject and auditor in this eight-step evaluation. The project provided ample hands on experience and allowed me to develop a strong understanding and intuition for records and information mgmt best practices. 

This report uses theories of metadata and data ontologies to take a close at subject headings in the Library of Congress. Specifically, it demonstrates the power these naming standards wield and suggests avenues to remedy the detrimental effects of certain headings. 

I created this dashboard for Healing with Horses, an organization I have been involved with for several years. The dashboard widgets address the three areas staff most consistently ask about: Fundraising, Lesson Capacity (ie. equine work force), and Online Presence. I am especially proud of this work because it leverages data to enact material outcomes in a community that I care about deeply. Given the opportunity, I would like to further develop this dashboard to link with the database devised in my Capstone in order to flag herd members that are at risk of overwork or psychological stress.


Violence, Power, and the Sovereign Right to Kill: A Case Study of Political Executions

during the Irish Civil War

Orientalism and Critique: Examining Responses to Edward Said


Records Management in Equine Therapy: Improving Student Records Maintenance and

Compliance within the G-Suite